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Radiant Heat Installation

Why trust your Radiant heat design and installation to Us?

  • Over 20 years of experience in designing and installing Radiant heat systems.
  • Our unsurpassed customer satisfaction and referrals ( just ask us for a list of satisfied customers)
  • Only the latest and highest quality materials are utilized in our Radiant Heating projects.
  • Unlike most heating  companies our focus and areas of expertise is predominantly focused on Radiant heat systems.
  • The potential pitfalls of hiring an inexperienced firm can be potentially catastrophic to your home, Unfortunately a large percentage of our business is redesigning and repairing incorrectly installed systems. we highly recommend that before your hire a heating contractor  for your radiant project you verify that the contractor has a background in radiant heat design and installation. It is a common misconception that most contractors understand radiant system design. Most do not !!!
  •  Visit our radiant site :   www.Radiant-Home.com

Liquid Tech Plumbing & Heating is a full service plumbing and heating company specializing in custom radiant heat design and installation serving New York City and Long Island. They are fully staffed with knowledgeable designers and installers. Liquid Tech Plumbing and Heating Inc. is truly a company you can trust and depend on for all your installation needs. When it comes to installing radiant heating systems Liquid Tech Plumbing & Heating Inc. has proven to provide trouble free design and equipment. Your system will be composed of the best choice materials and in turn your radiant heating system will last as long as the structure it was installed in.

Here are some benefits of installing radiant heating:

Energy Savings:
Radiant heat systems utilize low temperature water.
Water Temp needed (88-120 F) Result – 25-50 % less fuel consumed. Hot water systems need water @180 F and steam systems must heat water to 212 F to create steam. It takes a lot more fuel and a lot more money to heat your space with these outdated systems.

Most comfortable form of heat –Your floor becomes a massive radiator that warms your body rather than the air.

No noise and a clean operation:
The system does not cause drafts and will not enable germs and dust particles to spread around. There are no fans or blower noise, just peace and quiet.

Many types of applications:
Can be installed in a slab of concrete, under a wood floor, below grade outdoors for snow melt applications. Can be used in all types of construction. Tile, wood, and carpeted floors are all acceptable for radiant floors.

Child Friendly and safe:
There are no hot surfaces for children to touch. No contact with burners or radiators!

Allows for an open floor plan. There are no radiators to interfere with interior design. Enjoy open floor space.

Rooms will have their own zones:
You can choose individual areas to heat at different times and at desired temperatures.

As a company in a growing and demanding market we know the importance of reliability. We are always available for our customers and have many years of experience in realizing the importance of pricing, quality, and installation.

 Recent project photos:

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Long Island Radiant Heat Installers

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